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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Medical Images of Scoliosis shown on Color X-Rays

Scoliosis is a common condition of the Spine which is typically discovered in our adolescence. X-Rays are typically taken at certain intervals to assess the status of the Scoliosis. Typical Black and White Scoliosis X-Rays show the disease, but can be difficult for patients and family members to appreciate fully.

Medical Media Images, a Golden, Colorado based company has created a method to convert ordinary X-Ray, CT, and MRI Images into Color. These Images show the Anatomy of the Spine in ways never seen before.

Here are some examples which show Scoliosis. The first Image is a Color X-Ray of a typical Scoliosis which involves the Mid and Low Back (thoraco-lumbar). Notice how this Scoliosis turns to the left in the Mid Back (thoracic spine) and then comes back to the right in the Low Back (Lumbar Spine). This is called a "compensation", which allows a patient to be overall relatively straight. This Image is Interactive. As you move your mouse cursor over the Image, Interactive Image tags appear. Each Tag explains a specific part of the Image with text. If the Tags do not display correctly due to slow Browser Speeds, just refresh the page.

AP Scoliosis X-Ray showing a Thoraco-Lumbar Scoliosis
Interactive Color X-Ray of a Scoliosis

To measure the degree of a Scoliosis, doctors use something called a "Cobb Angle" measurement. This next Image shows the measurement, which is also used to assess the progression of a Scoliosis over time. The main part of this Scoliosis has a 30 degree Curvature.

AP Scoliosis Color X-Ray showing Cobb Angle Scoliosis Measurements
Color X-Ray of a Scoliosis with Cobb Angle Measurement

Here is the same Image shown as a 3-D Color X-Ray. This helps to bring out some of the hidden details of the Image. Medical Media Images produces the world's only 3-D Color X-Rays.

3-D Color X-Ray of a Thoraco-Lumbar Scoliosis
3-D Color X-Ray of a Scoliosis

The next Image is a Color X-Ray of a severe Scoliosis. This type of Scoliosis often requires Surgery since it can impair the function of the Heart and Lungs. The Cobb Angle Measurement shows a 90 degree Curvature.

AP Scoliosis X-Ray of a severe Scoliosis with Cobb Angle Measurement
Color X-Ray of a severe Scoliosis with a 90 degree Curvature

The Image below is a Color X-Ray of a Scoliosis and a Scoliosis Surgery. The Scoliosis Surgery uses Titanium Rods and Screws to straighten the Spine. This Image is Interactive. The Interactive Tags explain the Anatomy with text.

Interactive Color X-Rays of a Scoliosis and a Scoliosis Surgery

Color X-Ray, Color MRI Images and Text like the ones featured in this Blog are available for Licensing for Websites and Publications at You can also find these and hundreds of other Images on the Navigation Bar at the top of the Blog.
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