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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Medical Images of the Human Spine on Color X-Rays, CAT Scans, and MRI Scans

The Human Spine can now be seen in Color. Medical Media Images, a Colorado based company has developed the technology to convert X-Ray, CT, and MRI Images into Color. The results are amazing Images of the Human Anatomy in ways we have never seen before.

Patients and the general Public often have a difficult time seeing and understanding ordinary Black and White Radiology Images, even with the best explanations. However, seeing the Human Anatomy in Color allows the viewer to see and discern details of individual structures, diseases and surgeries.

The Human Spine is a common source of Radiology Images. After all, back pain is the second most common complaint which brings patients to the doctor (headaches are first). Lets take a look at the Anatomy of the Spine on Color Radiology Images.

This Image is an Interactive Color X-Ray of a Scoliosis. Move your mouse cursor over the Image to see the Interactive Image Tags. Each Tag displays text to explain a specific part of the Anatomy. Medical Media Images has combined Color Images with Interactive Technology to allow the viewer to interact with and learn from an Image.

Color Scoliosis X-Ray Thoracolumbar Scoliosis
Interactive X-Ray. If the Interactive Tags do not display correctly due to Slow Browser Speed, just reload the Page

Here is another Color X-Ray of a Spine Fracture. These fractures are called Compression Fractures. They are common in patients with Bone Thinning (Osteoporosis). This type of Image is called a "Reference Image", since a whole body Color X-Ray on the left provides a "reference" to the whole body. A viewer can see right away where in the Body the main Image is taken from.

Lateral Color X-Ray of a Lumbar Compression Fracture
Color X-Ray of a Compression Fracture of the Spine

The next Image is a Color CAT Scan. This Image shows degeneration of the Sacroiliac Joints from the perspective of a horizontal slice taken across the low back (axial).  This Image is also Interactive.
Axial Color CT Scan of Sacroiliac Joint Degeneration
Interactive Color CT Scan of a degenerated Sacroiliac Joints

Now lets move to MRI's, which show the most detail of the Human Body. This is a 3-D enhanced Color MRI which helps the viewer see more detail. Notice the Disc Herniation shown in red. This type of Image can help a viewer understand Disc Herniations with one look at an Image. Reading text about Disc Herniation can make it difficult to visualize this common Spine Condition. However, when combined with this Image, a viewer can gain visual and text perspectives.

3-D Color MRI Lumbar Spine Disc Herniation
Color MRI of the Low Back showing a Disc Herniation in red.
Here is one more Interactive Color MRI. This one shows the Low Back (Lumbar Spine) from a horizontal slice across the Spine (axial). This Image is also Interactive.

Axial Lumbar Spine MRI of the Lumbar Spine Anatomy
Interactive Color MRI of the Anatomy of the Low Back in cross-section

You can find hundreds of Color X-Ray, CT, and MRI Images on the Navigation Bar a top of the Page.

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Here is a Video of how MMI creates Color Radiology Images:

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