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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Medical Images of the Human Body on Color X-Ray and Color MRI Scans

You can now see the Human Body in ways never seen before: X-Rays and MRI Scans have been converted into Color Medical Images. Medical Media Images (MMI), a Colorado based company has developed the technology to color convert Radiology Images.

Conventional Black and White Images lack in visual appeal and often appear abstract. Color conversion brings them to life and help viewers of any background understand the information provided by Radiology Images. MMI designed these Images for patient education use on Medical Websites and Publications.

Here is a Color MRI of the Human Body with 3-D accents. The details of the Anatomy, specifically the Spine Anatomy are astounding. Notice how the different details of the Brain stand out.

3-D Color MRI Human Body Spine Anatomy
Color MRI of the Human Body

Now lets take a look at a Wrist Fracture. This Color X-Ray Medical Image shows a Fracture of the Radius in 3-D. You can clearly see the fragments of bone.

Color X-Ray showing a distal Radius Fracture
3-D Color X-Ray of a Wrist Fracture

The next Image is a Color MRI of the Knee Joint. This Medial Image goes a step further: it is Interactive. As you move your mouse cursor over the Image, Interactive Image Tags appear. Each Tag displays text which explains a specific part of the Anatomy.

Interactive Color MRI of the Human Knee

Here is another Interactive Image. This one explains the Spine Anatomy of the Low Back (Lumbar Spine). MMI has created a series of these Medical Image styles. They offer a whole body Image on the left and a cut-out as the main Image. This allows any viewer to orient themselves to know where the main Image is taken from. Engage with the Interactive Tags to learn the Spine Anatomy.

Interactive Color MRI of the Spine Anatomy of the Low Back (Lumbar Spine)

The next Image is a Color Cat Scan which shows a Spine Fracture (Compression Fracture) due to Osteoporosis. Notice how CAT Scans offer better details of the Spine Anatomy than X-Rays, but not as many as MRI Scans.

Sagittal Color CT Scan of a Thoracic Spine Compression Fracture
Color CAT Scan showing a Thoracic Compression Fracture

These Images are truly astounding. Compared to Medical Illustration drawings or computer generated Medical Images, these Images have authenticity since they show an actual Human Being. Seeing the Radiographic Anatomy in Color can give us a newfound understanding and appreciation of the Human Anatomy Currently over 500 Color X-Ray, CT, and MRI Images can be seen on the MMI Website. These Images are ideal for Medical Websites, digital products and print Publications.

If you would like to find out more about Color Images from Medial Media Images, here is the Video:

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