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Monday, June 16, 2014

Medical Images of the Hip Joint seen on Color X-Ray and Color MRI Images

Radiology Images such as X-Rays, CAT Scans and MRI Scans can now be seen in Color. These color conversions offer a view of the Human Anatomy never seen before. Medical Media Images, a Golden, Colorado based company has created the technology to see Radiology Images in Color.

Ordinary Black and White X-Ray, CT, and MRI Images are difficult to visualize and understand for anyone without an advanced medical background. Color conversion of these Images creates highly visual, educational Images which allow the viewer to see and understand the information contained in these Images.

Here are some examples of the Human Hip Joint seen in Color. The first Image is a Color MRI Scan which shows the Hip Joints from the perspective of a Vertical Slice front view (coronal) through the Pelvis and upper part of the Legs. This Image is Interactive. Just move your mouse cursor over the Image and see the Image come alive with Interactive Image tags. Each tag displays information about a specific part of the Anatomy.

Interactive Color MRI of the Hip Joints. If the Interactive Tags do not load properly due to slow Browser Speeds, just refresh the Page.
Here is the same Image shown as a 3-D Color MRI:

The next Image is a view of a single Hip Joint on a Color MRI. Notice the Hip Joint is a "ball and socket" type of Joint. The "ball" is made up by the top of the Thigh Bone (Femur) which fits into the "socket" of the Hip Bone (Acetabulum of the Pelvis).

Coronal Color MRI of a Hip Joint
Color MRI of a Hip Joint

Now lets look at some Color X-Ray Medical Images of the Hip Joint. The Image below shows a degenerated Hip Joint. The Arthritis is shown in red. Notice how narrow the degenerated Hip Joint has become compared to the normal one on the opposite side. This Image is also Interactive.

AP Pelvis Color X-Ray showing Hip Joint Arthritis
Interactive Color X-Ray of Arthritis of the Hip Joint

The last Color X-Ray Medical Image shows a Hip Replacement which has been performed as a treatment for severe Arthritis of the Hip Joint. This device consists of two parts: A long stem which is placed into the Femur (thigh bone) which has a ball at the top; A cup which fits into the Hip Tone (acetabulum of the Pelvis)

AP Pelvis Color X-Ray of a Hip Replacement Total Hip Arthroplasty
Color X-Ray of a Hip Joint Replacement
 We hope you enjoyed the Images. Color X-Ray, Color MRI Medical Images and Text like the ones featured in this Blog are available for Licensing for Websites and Publications at You can also find these and hundreds of other Images on the Navigation Bar at the top of the Blog.

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