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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Medical Images for Medical Websites: Color X-Ray and Color MRI Medical Images

The world's first full Color X-Ray, CT, and MRI images have been introduced by a Colorado based company, Medical Media Images (MMI). These Images are not just Color-Converted, but some versions come with Interactive and 3-D features, which are specifically designed for use on Medical Websites and Portals.

Here is an example of a 3-D enhanced Color X-Ray which is also Interactive. If you move your mouse cursor over the Image, Interactive Tags appear. Each Interactive Tag features text which explains a specific part of the Anatomy.

Lateal Knee Color X-Ray of Osgood Schlatter Disease
Interactive Color X-Ray showing and explaining Osgood Schlatter Disease.
This example of an Interactive Medical Image displays a number of the traits which makes these Images completely unique. An ordinary Black and White X-Ray is converted into Color and then 3-D. The image retains its authenticity, but now comes to life. Instead of a paragraph of text, the information is displayed as text on the Image Tags. The viewer can chose what and how to learn. This type of Interactivity is a novel and advanced learning concept featured by MMI.

Interactive Images keep viewers engaged with your web page which leads to long page views and more educational benefit. MMI can also create custom links from an Image Tag to other content on your website or external links to other relevant sources you want to share.

MMI also offers conventionally annotated Images such as the one below. This "Reference style" Color MRI Medical Image teaches the Spine Anatomy. The "Reference style" is a brand of MMI Images which are designed to help the viewer get oriented to the location of the main Image in the human body. This is a very important feature, since many patients do not know which part of the body an X-Ray or MRI pertains to. Another unique feature of the Reference Images is the use of a whole body MRI to illustrate the Human Body. This offers a spectacular view of the Human Anatomy.

Sagittal Color MRI of the Lumbar Spine Anatomy
Reference Color MRI showing the Spine Anatomy of the Low Back (Lumbar Spine)

MMI also features Medical Images of specific Surgical Procedures. Here is a 3-D Color X-Ray of a Knee Replacement. Images like this one are ideal for Surgeons to showcase their work on their practice medical website.

AP Color Knee X-Ray of a Total Knee Replacement (TKA)

Here is another example, featuring a Cervical Fusion on a Color X-Ray. The Spine Anatomy and Surgical Implants are shown and explained by the Interactive features of this Image.

Lateral Color X-Ray Anterior Cervical Fusion
Interactive Color X-Ray of an Anterior Cervical Fusion

Another great value of Interactive Images is the ability to easily explain common Medical and Surgical conditions. Here is an example of Hip Arthritis shown on a Color X-Ray.

Color AP Pelvis X-Ray showing Hip Joint Arthritis
Interactive Color X-Ray showing Hip Joint Arthritis

Medical Images like the ones created by MMI are uniquely suited for Medical Websites and Health Portals. The Medical Information inherent in Radiology Images is presented in vibrant color with a cutting edge, high-tech look. Viewers of Medical Websites will stay engaged and interested in the site which projects knowledge and style.

Color X-Ray, Color MRI Images and Text like the ones featured in this Blog are available for Licensing for Websites and Publications at You can also just visit the  Navigation Bar at the top of the Blog to see the Images.
Here is a Video about MMI and its products:


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