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Monday, April 7, 2014

The Main "Sections" of our Back explained with a Color MRI of the Whole Body!

                 What are the different "Sections" of our Back?

Our Spine has 4 different Sections: 1. Cervical (Neck)
                                                         2. Thoracic (Mid-Back)
                                                         3. Lumbar (Low-Back)
                                                         4. Sacral (Tail-Bone)

The Whole Body Color MRI Image below shows each section with the Medical Numbering System included:

Color MRI of the Whole Body showing the different Sections of the Spine
Whole Body Color MRI Image showing the Spine Sections
The Neck (Cervical Spine) has 7 Vertebrae (C-1 to C-7) which connect to the base of the skull at its top and to the mid-back Vertebrae at its bottom
The Mid-Back (Thoracic Spine) has 12 Vertebrae (T-1 to T-12) which connect to the bottom of the Neck Vertebrae at its top and to the top of the Low-Back Vertebrae at its bottom.
The Low-Back (Lumbar Spine) has 5 Vertebrae (L-1 to L-5) which connect to the bottom of the Mid-Back at its top and to the top of  the Tail-Bone at its bottom.
The Tail-Bone (Sacral Spine) consists of a large bone called the Sacrum and smaller bones called the Coccyx at its bottom end.

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