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Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Knee Meniscus shown and explained with Color MRI Images

The Meniscus of the Knee is part of the Knee Cartilage, designed to disperse the weight our body places on our Knee Joints and to limit the friction created by the movement of our Knees. This specialized "Meniscus Cartilage" loosed most of its blood supply when we reach adulthood. Due to that, injuries to the Meniscus are often slow to heal.

The Color MRI Image below shows a Knee Meniscus in Blue. The Knee Joint is shown from the front, made up of the Femur (thigh bone) and Tibia (large lower leg bone). The Meniscus is taller and thicker on the sides and thins towards the middle.

Coronal Color MRI of the Knee Joint showing the Meniscus
Coronal Color MRI of the Knee showing the Meniscus in Blue.
The next Color MRI Image shows the Knee Joint from the side. The Meniscus is again shown in blue.

Sagittal Color Knee MRI Image showing the Meniscus
Sagittal Color MRI of the Knee showing the Meniscus in Blue 

Most acute injuries to the Knee Meniscus occur when the Knee is twisted while bent. This often results in a Meniscus tear. Acute injuries to the Meniscus typically result in swelling of the Joint and increased pain when bearing weight on the Joint. Patients also often complain of Joint locking or clicking when the knee is bent.

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