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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Knee Ligaments (ACL and PCL) shown on Color MRI Images

The Anterior (ACL) and Posterior (PCL) Knee Ligaments play an important role in the stability of the Knee Joint. The two bones which form the Knee Joint are the Thigh Bone (Femur) and the larger of the two Leg Bones (Tibia). The ACL and PCL Ligaments provide stability when these two bones move relative to each other, such as during a sudden stop after running.

Here is a Color MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Image showing the ACL and PCL Ligaments. Each Ligament connects the Femur Bone to the Tibia Bone.

Sagittal Color Knee MRI Image of the ACL and PCL Ligaments
Color MRI Image of the Knee showing the ACL and PCL Ligaments

The ACL Ligament is especially prone to injury, such as an ACL Tear. The Image below shows what an ACL Tear looks like on an MRI Image.

Saggital Color Knee MRI Image of a Torn ACL Ligament
Color MRI Images of the Knee showing Normal and Torn ACL Ligaments

Torn ACL Ligaments sometimes require a surgical reattachment, especially in patients who want to continue in competitive athletics.

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