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Monday, April 28, 2014

Knee Joint Arthritis shown and explained with Color X-Ray Images

Arthritis of the Knee Joint is a common medical ailment, which it typically the result of age-related wear and tear.
The Color X-Ray Image below shows Normal Knee Joints. Notice the amount of space shown between the top bone (Femur, large thigh bone), and  the bottom bone (Tibia, larger of the two lower leg bones).

AP Color Knee X-Ray Image of a Normal Knee Joint
Color Knee X-Ray showing a normal Knee Joint space

Over time, the Knee Cartilage (Meniscus) wears down which contributes to the narrowing of the Joint. When a large percentage of the Knee Cartilage is lost, the two bones of the Knee can make contact (bone-on-bone) and form Bone Spurs.
The Color X-Ray Image below shows how the Knee Joint Space has been lost on one side (medial, inside part) of the Knee Joint. This can lead to inflammation and pain (red), as well as stiffness and loss of motion of the Knee Joint.

AP Color Knee X-Ray showing severe DJD
Color X-Ray showing severe degeneration of the Knee Joint
Some patients eventually require a Knee Replacement (Total Knee Arthroplasty). The Color X-Ray Image below shows a Knee Replacement (blue). The Knee Replacement typically consists of several parts: 1. A metal (titanium) upper component which is placed at the end of the Femur (thigh bone). 2. A lower metal (titanium) component which is placed on top of the Tibia (larger of the two lower leg bones). 3. A plastic "cushion" which acts like a Meniscus between the upper and lower metal components.
Color Knee X-Ray showing a Knee Replacement
Color Knee X-Ray showing a Knee Joint Replacement

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