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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

3-D Color MRI Image demonstrating a Disc Herniation!

Medical Media Images has created a Color MRI Image to demonstrate the common problem of a Disc Herniation. This MRI Image is unique in several ways: a whole body Color MRI serves to orient the viewer to the specific part of the Spine shown in the cut-out. The cut-out is then converted into a 3-D Color MRI Image to give the viewer depth perception. The Disc Herniation is shown in red at the lowest Disc Level of the Lumbar Spine (low-back). The Disc Herniation represents material which has migrated outward (herniated) from the core of the Disc.

This Image and many more are available at our company website

3-D Color MRI of the Lumbar Spine demonstrating a Disc Herniation
Color 3-D MRI Image of a Disc Herniation in the Low Back

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