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Thursday, February 20, 2014

X-Ray Images in Color and 3-D: An X-Ray Image of a Knee Fracture

Medical Media Images presents another X-Ray Image in its series of 3-D Color X-Ray Images.
These Images are first converted to into HD X-Ray Images. Following this process, the Image is converted into Color and 3-D.

This particular Image shows an "Avulsion Fracture of the Tibia". Part of the Tibia Bone has become separated. This type of injury can occur when extreme stress is placed on the Patellar Ligament (kneecap ligament). This Ligament attaches the Patella (kneecap) to the Tibia which is the larger of the two bones of the lower leg. In extreme stress on the Patallar Ligament, the Ligament can be strong enough to pull off the part of the Tibia Bone it is attached to. This Bone Fragment is clearly seen in the X-Ray Image. Also, notice how the Patella is now pulled upward, since it lost its anchoring point on the Tibia Bone.

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3-D Color Knee X-Ray showing an Avulsion Fracture of the Tibia
  Avulsion Fracture of the Tibia
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