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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

X-Ray Images in Color and 3-D: A Chest X-Ray Image

Medical Media Images showcases X-Ray Images from our Color 3-D collection. Each X-Ray is first converted into a High Definition (HD) X-Ray, following by Color conversion. The 3-D application is then performed.

The featured Image represents a Chest X-Ray Image, taken from behind (PA = Postererior-Anterior). The Heart and Lungs are clearly visible. The 3-D effect enhances the appearance of the Ribs which enhances the viewer's perception of the 3-Dimensional location of the organs. The smaller red lines within the Chest are the Blood Vessels traveling to and from the Lungs. They are accentuated to demonstrate their location within the X-Ray Image. The trachea can be seen in Blue as it directs air to and from the Lungs. The Lung tissue is also shown in blue. Air in the stomach is shown in green, located just below the rib cage on the right side of the X-Ray Image.

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       3-D Color Chest X-Ray showing the Heart, Lungs, and more.
3-D Color Chest X-Ray showing the Ribcage, Heart, Lungs and more.
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