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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Scoliosis Images, 3-D Color X-Ray Image demonstrating a Scoliosis

Medical Media Images (MMI) presents a 3-D Color X-Ray Image to demonstrate a severe Scoliosis. An original, conventional Black and White Scoliosis Image was converted into High Definition (HD) and Color. After that, MMI transformed the Image into 3-D.
This Scoliosis Image is meant to allow the viewer to easily see and understand a Scoliosis. The particular Scoliosis shown involves the Mid-Back (Thoracic Spine) and Low-Back (Lumbar Spine). Involving both the Mid and Low-Back is not uncommon for a Scoliosis which forms in Adolescence. Likely, the Scoliosis shown in this Scoliosis Image started in the Mid-Back. Over time, the Low-Back compensated for the Mid-Back Curvature, bending the opposite way. This is called a "compensation" which allows the patient to maintain a relatively straight overall posture.
Notice, how this Scoliosis Image also demonstrates the rotation of the Vertebrae. When a Scoliosis becomes severe, the Spine often bends to the side and rotates at the same time.

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3-D Color Scoliosis X-Ray showing a severe Curvature

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