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Sunday, November 3, 2013

New Chiropractic X-Ray and MRI images now available as Interactive Images for Chiropractic Websites!

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Medical Media Images has converted some of its new Color MRI and X-Ray images into Interactive Images. This version of Chiropractic images brings them to life. As  the viewer moves the mouse cursor over the image, interactive tags appear. When hovering over a tag, text appears which explains specific important structures seen on the image.

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The above image is an example of the new Chiropractic Interactive X-Ray and MRI images.
The image on the left shows a straightened, abnormal neck curvature, which is emphasized by the red line. The image on the right shows the normal C-Shaped neck curvature. This image allows Chiropractic physicians to explain common neck conditions and how Chiropractic Treatments can correct these conditions.

Images like this Interactive image are ideal for Chiropractic Websites as patient education and advertisement!

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