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Monday, November 11, 2013

MMI Products: Here is a Summary of our Image Product Categories, Complete with Samples for Each

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1. Plain Images

            These Color MRI and X-Ray Images are provided without Annotations or other features. Customers can utilized these Images without annotations or add their own annotations.

2. Side-by-Side Images

            Side-by-side Color MRI and X-Ray Images incorporate two Images into one. This is done either vertically or horizontally depending on the Image dimensions. The purpose of these Images is to compare Normal and Abnormal, or Before and After Surgery. This gives the viewer a reference and better understanding of the condition or surgery they are viewing.


3. Annotated Images
            These Color MRI and X-Ray Images have added Annotations in the form of Image titles and text. The Annotations can be customized upon request.

4. Reference Images

            Reference Color MRI Images have multiple Images incorporated into one. Each Image has one whole body Reference Color MRI and one or more Cut-Out Images. The Reference MRI serves to allow the viewer to understand at a glance which part of the body the Cut-Outs represent. Reference Images come with or without Annotations. These Images are eye-catching as they feature multiple Color MRI Images in one Image.



5. Interactive Images

            These Images allow the viewer to interact with and learn from a Color MRI or X-Ray Image. Interactive Images display “interactive tags” when the viewer’s mouse cursor moves over the Image. The “interactive tags” display text which explains the anatomical structure on which the tag is displayed. Viewers can move from tag to tag and learn about each structure on the image.

Interactive Images are designed for use on Professional Medical Websites.  Viewers are more likely to stay on a Website with an Interactive Image.


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