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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Color X-Ray showing a Cervical (neck) Facet Joint Injection

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Medical Media Images offers a new image. This image shows a neck injection targeting the Facet Joints. These joints are located in the back of the Spine and can be a source of neck pain. The Cervical Facet Joints are often injected by Pain Management physicians. Medical Media Images produced this new image to help physicians explain this procedure to their patients. This image is ideal for websites as a source of patient information.

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The image above is a Color X-Ray image showing a Cervical Facet Joint Injection. The jaw can be seen in the left upper hand corner of the image. The degenerated Facet Joints are shown in red. A needle has been placed into one of the degenerated Facet Joints. A syringe is shown injecting medication (green) into the degenerated Facet Joint.

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