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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Introducing Scoliosis Color X-Rays

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Medical Media Images introduces a new product. This image features Side-by-Side Color X-Ray images showing a severe Scoliosis before and after Surgery.

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The front view Color X-Ray on the left shows a severe Scoliosis of the mid and low back (thoraco-lumbar). The color enhances the curvature and provides a very clear and compelling view of the Scoliosis. The image on the right shows a patient who had a Fusion Surgery to correct a severe Scoliosis. The metal rods and screws used to correct the Scoliosis are shown in blue. The image has an amazing three-dimensional effect. The fusion rods and screws seem to be hovering above the image.
Overall this image shows the viewer an uncorrected scoliosis and one which has been surgically straightened.

Medical Images like this one are ideal for Physician's Websites and in print for the office!!

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