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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Featuring New Color X-Ray Images of Artificial Disc Replacement Devices

Medical Media Images is proud to showcase Color X-Ray images of Artificial Disc Replacement Devices placed in the neck. These images allow the viewer to understand the role these Devices play for patients with severe Disc Degeneration.

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This Color X-Ray images shows two images side-by-side. Each image represents an X-Ray of the same patient, one taken with the head bent forward, the other with the neck straightened. This patient had two Artificial Disc Replacement Devices placed at the C5/6 an C6/7 Discs in the Neck.
The image allows the viewer to appreciate how the Artificial Disc Replacement Devices allow the Neck to continue to move and bend, simulating the function of a normal Disc.

Medical Images like this one are ideal for Physician's Websites and in print for the office!!

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